One conference – months of reaction

If you have put months of planning into your conference or event, do you, your sponsors and your delegates want to see the result?

  • Would you like your meetings to be reported on promptly?
  • Would you like a full record of your conference presentations and discussions?
  • Does having a good overview linking to more detailed material make sense?
We can record in a range of media e.g. reports, mind maps, video, audio, images. This can be backed up by forum feedback and supporting material e.g. PowerPoint slides and speakers papers.  They will all be made available publicly or privately on the web.  Your conference or meeting will last far longer than the event itself.
  • Do you want to understand what the attendees are doing with the content?
  • Do you judge the events success by what happened on the day or what happens afterwards?
  • How many organisers have a record of the key activities and outcomes?
  • Does your marketing team have what they need to promote the next one?
ConferenceREACTION can do this for you. Your event will be recorded in a way that will appeal to many different learning preferences. The results will be delivered quickly to maintain momentum and ensure that:
  • You can support your delegates’ in their work place as a result of your conference, event or meeting
  • Records are available for those who were unable to take notes, or to attend
  • You’ll have an overview on which to base the planning for the next event
  • There is a continuing link between this year’s and next year’s conferences
Find out how you can create tangible memories of your next conference by contacting us.

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