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Business Scene is a network of business networking organisations. It provides a web site to promote the business events of its members. It organises it's own events with speakers, trade stands  and networking facilitation.  
Hampshire Connections
What is Social Media and How can my Business Benefit?
Warren Cass
1 October 2009
A review of the value of Social Media, where you can exploit it, a few words of caution and some top tips.
It's members include business people who also belong to 1230, bizunlimited, BNI, Bounty Net, BRX,  Business Resources Group, Ecademy, Entrepreneurs World, Free Networking in London, LinkedIn, NRG, Xing  
London Connections
12 March 2009
Images, sound recordings and speech maps of a 400 attendee evening event.  Robert Craven's "Beating the Credit Crunch" map is worth a look.

Their sponsors are Alliance Leicester Commercial Bank,  Blackberry, Microsoft, Newzapp, Regus, The Telegraph Business Club, Verbatim
London Connections
17 November 2008
This event was attended by 500 people from a variety of business networking groups. Business Scene has recognised the value of having a published record of their  events because the Conference REACTION sites recording their events often have a higher Google ranking  than the relevant Business Scene page.  This record is hosted in their own web space. The record of page visits will be used to show sponsors and exhibitors the value of this extra exposure on the web.
Guildford Gathering
10 June 2008
This event took place in the Porsche Main Dealer in Guildford.  First attempt to incorporate Tablet PC art using ArtRage2 into a business event record.  See if you can work out which cars are on the left and right of the background image.  

This is a single web page with links to related web sites.
Launch of Business Scene Surrey
26 June 2007
A rich media record of this event held at Twickenham Rugby Club.  Video and sound recording, photography and  speaker maps.