Ecademy is one the oldest on-line networking platforms starting 1998 well before Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter. It focuses on business to business networking and building relationships. This can lead to new business formations and collaborations as well as inter business trading.

They organise monthly meetings in London with attendance ranging for 200 to 750 people plus many regional events organised by local members.
Jonathan Jay - SuccessTrack
18 May 2009
A rags to riches story. How he exploited his network (in a nice way) and continuously re-engineered his business model. Culminating in a formula for a profitable business and eternal happiness.
Philip Calvert - IFA Life
19 April 2009
Describes how the IFA club on Ecademy grew into a vibrant on-line community IFA Life. Which has 1,700 members and is winning awards. Excellent tips on building an on-line business.
David Woodroofe - I to Eye Presentations
Create Design Studio )
9 February 2009
David reminds us that the purpose of web sites is to engage with the viewer and produce an action by them. If you are briefing a web designer you need to be clear about your objectives. The result will only be as good as your brief.
Richard Newman and Christian Billet
18 September 2008
  • How can you use your body and your voice to influence?
  • How many of us are deluded about our body language skills?
  • What are the key elements of speaking effectively?
There were some answers at this event.
Dexter Moscow
11 August 2008
The PERFECT process to presenting yourself to prospects. Dexter runs this Ecademy group through his approach to pitching for business. All preceded by an excellent dinner at 57 in Liss .
Brent Hoberman
19 June 2008
Brent takes us through his career including an early attempt at Then how came into being and was sold. Finally he talks about his new businesses: mydeco and Wayn and answers some questions.
Don Tapscott
6 September 2007
Don outlines his views about
  • Web 2.0 and collaboration
  • The behaviours of the next generation
  • Revolutions in economics and information distribution
Ivan Misner
24 April 2007
Founder of BNI speaking about "Truth or Delusion?" his recent book to an Ecademy meeting in Bournemouth .
The book is an FAQ for networking. Tackling diverse statements such as "The more networking meetings the better" and "You can network anywhere, anytime, even at a funeral!". The outlines 14 of these and gives you some further insights in to Ivan Misner .
You can also download a one page PDF. Ivan Misner in Bournemouth.
Ecademy is one the oldest on-line networking platforms