FTSE 100 Group Management Team Meeting
28 -30 March 2009
No details of the content or the end client for this meeting can be released but I describe the situation.

The management team of 12 people are taken to a hotel for the weekend starting at Friday lunchtime. The facilitator leads them through a process which assists them in devising their business development plan for the next financial year. At the back of the room ConferenceREACTION is recording each session on a map. This is printed to an A3 sheet and hung on the wall of the meeting room.

By the final session on Saturday there are 13 maps on the wall. During the final session this information is converted in a plan. All the actions required are logged and an owner give to them. As they are raised, they are entered into a Gantt chart (actually a combination of MindManager and JCVGantt is used) and this is projected on to a screen. It is easy to see the required chain of actions, conflicts and individual overloads. The plan completed, published as a Gantt chart and converted into the Excel format required by their directors.
Next Tuesday all of this information has been collated into a web site, copied to the companies intranet and is being used by the management team to show their staff what they did when they were away.
The facilitator gave conferenceREACTION this testimonial:
I've recently had the benefit of Andrew working with me on a 2 day Senior Leadership team workshop, one of the objectives of which was for the team to have produced their Operational Plan for the next financial year. Whilst I lead and facilitated the workshop, Andrew captured all the emerging outputs/discussions. As each session finished he was able to quickly print and post detailed discussion maps around the room for frequent reference to throughout the workshop. He captured details of the operational plan tasks, dates, dependencies, resources etc and convert them into a project plan which the team were then able to review and refine before finally committing to its implementation. All of this was achieved through Andrew's skills of using MindManager to map discussions, and meant the client was in a strong position of not losing any time or pace after the event (where business often take days to document what's been written on flip charts etc)
This proved to be an extremely powerful approach, particularly as by the end of the workshop we had also agreed what was going to be communicated throughout the business, by whom, how and when - and they had all the content material available, ready for briefings to start on the Monday morning following the weekend workshop. Andrew also created a static web site with all the discussion maps, plans and documents which was available for both the attendees and the rest of the business to use, assisting with consistency of communication
As the facilitator for the event, it was a pleasure to work with Andrew and having him dealing with all the documentation allowed me to focus on my role and ensuring the client achieved the objectives and got the most out of the weekend.
So, if you're running events or workshops where you have lots of discussion groups and outputs to be documented, I would thoroughly recommend speaking to Andrew - I know I will be using his skills again.
Derek Bishop Abeo Consulting