Meeting Processes
Cabre has worked with organisations that provide complimentary services and, which have been both customers and suppliers. Click the menu and see who they are.
Open Space Technology
Cabre has worked on several occasions with one of the leading Open Space Facilitators in the UK called Jim Wade. Jim was recently interviewed about Open Space Technology. Here is a short introduction to the full video on
If you would like to organise a meeting where:
  • You do not want to control the agenda
  • You do want to find out what the attendees know
  • You want the attendees to empower the actions that are the results of the meeting
Then consider Open Space Technology.
For more information on Open Space Technology here is an Amazon link to the book Open Space Technology: A User's Guide by Harrison Owen .
conferenceREACTION can record Open Space events and publish them on the web or in print the same day.
The Six Thinking Hats
This process created by Edward de Bono breaks a meeting down into six parts. During these parts the topic under discussion can only be viewed from one direction. They are: Purpose, Facts, Emotions, Positive, Negative, Action. Each section of the meeting is designated by a coloured hat. This process is very good at giving everyone an equal voice. Click for more Six Thinking Hats information and a meeting template. ConferenceREACTION can facilitate as well as record this style of meeting.