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Innovation for a Smarter Planet
Andy Stanford-Clark - IBM
30 September 2010

Connecting small developments together like Twitter and sensors in domestic properties to create innovative information and management systems.

At the end of the presentation I felt "Why didn't I do that?" The trick is perhaps doing it, overcoming the  obstacles and not thinking about.

Take a ride on the links in this map to see some of Andy's innovations in action.

Handheld Devices and PDAs
David Vane - 247virtual.com
Simon Read - Vodafone
Andrew Wilcox - Cabre
29 October 2009
An interactive discussion with the audience about mobile devices. Things to consider when choosing and getting contracts for phones etc. What type of user are you?

Take a look at the map and the links to improve your next choice of mobile device.

Make your Website Work for You
Website Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation
Gareth Gammon & Fintan Galvin - Navigate Design
24 September 2009
"If you don't know what you are doing, how are you  going to tell anyone else?"
"Once you do.  Are you measuring to see if it makes a  difference?"
"SEO - It's SEO easy. Not!"
"But there is a lot of help out there."

Social Media Marketing
Tony Treacy
30 April 2009
  • What is social media.
  • How do you do it.
  • Where can you do it.
  • What you should do.
  • and a few tips

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
Richard Boothman - WinACC
26 March 2009
  • Where our current attitude to the environment is  taking us.
  • The opportunities for converting to green industries. 
  • How you can make a difference in your business.

Yann Motte 
30 October 2008
A short evening presentation to Wired Wessex by Yann  Motte now of WebJam  previously VP Product  Management, Europe at Yahoo!.  This is a succinct  summary of  Yann's look at Social Media and how his new product WebJam will exploit the need to  involve consumers in creating and maintaining brands.