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Multi Cultural Working

International Cultural Working PDF

Keywords: It's Multi National, Great for new project managers


•   The lens was well received by the audience. They liked the idea of asking leading questions and not simply providing the answers. The lens can be used by new as well as more experienced project managers and suit the needs of both groups. Members of the group suggested that some practical examples should be shown in an Appendix against selected headings such as setting up teams, specific behaviours project managers should adopt and how to run meetings with an international audience.

•   The current lens should be reviewed and some additional material provided (perhaps within the Appendix) to cover topics such as the following: not to stereotype people, to cover cultural differences within the same company/city/region, to look at the different job backgrounds such as IS/SW Development/Banking/Telecoms. Consider this in the context of this working lens.

•   Lenses should be reviewed at least annually and updated in accordance with feedback received from the APM membership.

•   Change the title of the lens to Multi-national Cultural Working Lens.

Eddie Fisher


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