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Thursday 3rd July

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Atrributes & Competency of Programme v Project Manager Mike Ward & Surya Patterson

What are the attributes of a good programme manager and
why might these be different to the attributes of a project manager? 


Project Competency v Programme Management Competency

HYPOTHESIS:  Programme Managers do not have the same characteristics & skills as Project Managers


METHOD: After exploring some differences between Project/Programme/Portfolio Management, we reviewed the skills of Project & Programme Mangers as defined by a large telco organisation.

CONCLUSION: Programme Managers operate at a “higher” or “strategic” level, using the same skills in for example communications, managing people, etc.
•   Define the difference between Project Management, Programme Management and Portfolio Management
•   Express concern that the job titles are used ad-hoc within many organisations
•   Terms should be used to denote accountability not seniority


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