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Types of People

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Keywords: Bringing people into groups;  Communication: Text, Visual;  You can't cover them all; Movement: Why = Up, How = Down


  • In groups
Any team will be comprised of a number of "In groups" which may not relate to each others and may cause fractions to form. These differences can be good, so we should try and maintain the current "in groups " and add the teams as a over arching "in Group" ie its not 'in' or 'out' it can be 'in' within 'in'.
  • Different communications 
Comms within the team and external should not be in one style, visuals, bullets points, detail briefs, weekly briefings, email round robins, should all be considered, with exceptions being aligned to the consensus agreed method. ( That's the point of the drawings)
  • Agree due process within team
Agree a consensus as stick to it ( although having regular reviews )
  • Why moves you up, How moves you down
In getting agreement, as you going up the decision tree the question to address is why you are doing it, as you come down the question to address is how.
  • Skills of the PM
Does the PM have ALL the necessary skills required, Is the skills gap understood and can other members of the team cover the gaps. Playing to each other strengths. Very often the emphasis is on the planning , contracts still however relationship and motivations ability is the most important skill to develop.
  • Soft Skill Development
o        Hard (Book) versus Soft Tough (Experiential)
As with any skill, for some people it is easier to learn than others, whilst hard skills cam be practiced and refined " off line " Soft, or relationship skills are harder to practice and refine off line and can have negative results whilst practicing on line and are therefore more difficult to refine.  Also because of the soft nature of the skills it is more difficult to get company buy in to the training and the output is harder to  measure.

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