index_img1.gif Best of British South Pole 17 Nov 2009
On Tuesday 17th November the Best of British - South Pole team participated in the "Away at Christmas" event at Fortnum and Mason.  This evening lecture was well attended just enough seats for the guests (50 plus) with the team and supporting staff getting the window and wall seats! 

The evening started with Andrea Tanner, the Fortnum and Mason archivist reminding us of their participation in many previous polar and other expeditions. They may not have taken a kitchen sink but they would have taken a deluxe folding kitchen sink to wash up after consuming the foie gras , stuffed quails eggs and F&M biscuits.  This expedition is just an excuse to consume a Fortnum and Mason hamper at the South Pole!

Second on was Jeremy Archer who summarised the content of his new book " Away at Christmas".  This looks at expeditions and adventures from 1492 to the present day.  In 1829 John Ross spent 4 years trying to find the North West Passage, on one occasion eating an 8 year old rib of beef.  The Best of Britain - South Pole only plan to be 21 days between arrival and departure, they will be back for Christmas!
Video Blog of the Evening
Manley Hopkinson led the The Best of Britain - South Pole team's presentation.  He gave an overview of the expedition, let the team members introduce themselves, highlighted the initiating partners and explained the value of the expedition to potential partners, sponsors and supporters. 

You can see Manley's summary of the evening in the video opposite.  On the Manley Hopkinson page you can watch his full presentation and on the Videos page Rob Holden talks to Alec Wilkinson about the equipment and challenges. The Interviews include two from the team and several from those attending the evening. 
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Manley Hopkinson in conversation with guests
Roz Savage(on the right)
an ocean rower and environmentalist