Touchy Feely Mind Maps – the mobile markets

Craig spotted the opportunity for a mobile mind mapping app and was the first to market with iThoughts. His app (it is only him) is the leader in the market and shares maps easily with many other desktop, web and mobile software.

Mobile is different: the user interface requires a different strategies to work with finger tips. It does not confine itself to one type of user e.g. business or personal. Users expect apps to be cheap, to work with the Cloud and share via many different social networks e.g Facebook, Twitter etc.

Supplying only for iOS users via the Apple app store makes the sales process easy but requires compliance with Apple’s commercial terms and functional performance. It has to be simple, clean and wow the user.

Craig has no doubt that mobile will be a big part of mind mapping’s future. It’s a great introduction with a low cost entry level.

Click to see map full size and/or listen to Craig’s presentation “Touch Feely Mind Mappping

Touchy Feely Mind Mapping, The Market, Craig Scott, iThoughts at Biggerplate Unplugged - 31 January 2013 - mind map summary of presentation

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