FirstThing – Apps an overview by Matt Clarke

First Option a software house in New Alresford, Hampshire held their opening FirstThing event on the 23 Jan 2013. It’s a breakfast time networking event with a presentation from First Option staff or a guest. Today Matt Clarke, the Managing Director of FirstOption Software kicked things off with an overview of Apps. He defined an App as a program downloaded from the Cloud for use on a range devices. Wikipedia indicates that it derives from the .app extension used for the folders that contain the files that make your App work.

This is my overview of the presentation which can be downloaded as a MindManager map file in you want to add your own notes or do further research.

Please add your comments on the event, if you attended or any questions you may have. Click the map to view full screen with linked topics.

Matt Clarke -overview of the Apps market

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APPS Matt Clarke FirstThing At First Option Alresford 23 Jan 2013

1. First Option

1.1 Support
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1.2 Bespoke Software
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2. Market

2.1 PC flatline

2.1.1 The Death of PC – Full Report from Business Insider

2.2 Tablet and Smartphone growing

2.3 Europe

2.3.1 iOS dominant

2.4 Android phone matching IPhone on function but cost less

3. Supply

3.1 90% of downloads are free

3.2 700,000+ Apps

3.2.1 Apple App Store Downloads on iTunes
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3.2.2 Google Google Play
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3.3 Download from the cloud

4. Engaging customers

4.1 Differentiate

4.2 Communicate

4.3 Order channel

4.4 Revenue

4.4.1 Existing

4.4.2 Global

5. Strategy

5.1 Mobile friendly website

5.1.1 Scroll not pan

5.1.2 Finger sized links

5.2 Web App

5.2.1 Browser based

5.2.2 Emulates Native App Lookalike Native behaviour

5.2.3 No App Store approval required

5.3 Native App

5.3.1 Full access to phones features

6. Revenue

6.1 App Store 30% cut

6.2 Free app

6.2.1 Paid Upgrade

6.2.2 Adverts

6.2.3 Marketing Tools

7. Deployment

7.1 Via App Store

7.2 Vetting

7.2.1 Apple ~Two weeks

7.2.2 iOS SDK – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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8. Future

8.1 Customer Expectations

8.1.1 Connectivity

8.1.2 Speed

8.2 Innovation

8.2.1 Flexible screens

9. Legend

9.1 Links I added
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9.2 Colours are just decorative

10. Download this map – Mindjet format
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