Serious Games – Fun Map – 26 Feb 2014 at First Option, Alresford

Jonathan Read, Head of UK Sales and Operations at Bohemia Interactive Simulations presented about and refereed a couple of serious games at First Option’s FirstThing on Wednesday morning. Jonathan explained how games progress from our childhood entertainment through to serious games with real purpose. Bohemia Interactive has built on the platforms created for retail war games to highly customised scenarios for real armies to practice with.

Some of the challenges are:

  • Create intuitive user interfaces which trainees quickly master and get on with the “real” game.
  • Gamification to encourage team work and reinforce training lessons.
  • Enabling clients to customise the product for their purpose.

Then four people were thrown in the deep end and played a two v two scenario. Experience of war games helped but the chances of success was increased when the teams sorted out their communications (they were sat next to each other).

An excellent insight in to the development from games to serious games.

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Serious Games - Fun Map

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The image map content is repeated below as a text outline in two columns.

Serious Games

1. Games

1.1 Civilian

1.1.1 Childhood Fun Competitive Little Purpose

1.1.2 Serious Purpose Not entertainment Competitive Leagues Comparative Stats

1.2 Evolution

1.2.1 Entertainment ARMA
See related topics and documents OFP
See related topics and documents

1.2.2 Training Military Customers Army



And many others Self customised BIS supply the engine User does the coachbuilding

1.2.3 Range Individual Interactive Teams Large scale battlefield Air Sea Land

2. Gamification

2.1 Engaging

2.2 Exploiting

2.3 Retention

2.4 Experiment

3. Technology

3.1 Intuitive

3.2 User content

3.3 Playback

3.4 Multi-player

3.5 Familiar

3.5.1 To some generations!

4. The game

4.1 Land rovers

4.2 4 players

4.3 2 teams

4.4 Drive, shoot and collect

4.5 Scoring

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