Global Brainstorm at Innovation Warehouse 15 Nov 2012

Celia Gates leading the Global Brainstorm at Innovation Warehouse, an event in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012

Celia Gates assembled a team of entrepreneurs to answer the question “What do you need to know in order to succeed?”.  Celia questioned the panel (See participant map with links to relevant info to be added) and relayed “chat” questions from the worldwide audience.   The panel introduced themselves and then the Whether Report™ began.  This is a process for viewing your question from a number of perspectives using a type of weather to frame each step.  The audience were invited to mind map their reactions to the event and any subsequent analysis of their own situation. Please post your maps on BiggerPlate if drawn with software and provide a link in the comments below or post an image and provide a link.

The event was broadcast live via a Google Hangout (there will be a on-line video recording soon).

The event was mind mapped live by Andrew Wilcox from ConferenceReaction and below you can see the edited maps from the Whether Report™.  Each map can be downloaded individually or as a single map in MindManager/Mindjet file format.  Additionally a rich text version is available.  Links to be added

Whether Report
Rainy Day - Damp, bad news Rainy Day - Damp, bad news Snow - Survival, essentials Snow - Survival, essentials Report - What are you going to do Report - What are you going to do Sunny Day - Optimistic Sunny Day - Optimistic Rainbows - Dreams Rainbows - Dreams Winds - Prevailing, Direction, Force Winds - Prevailing, Direction, Force

The Global Brainstorm - The panel consider "What do you need to know in order to succeed?"

Sunny - the ideal situation

Winds - Prevailing, Strength, Direction

Rainy Day - Bad News

Rainy Day - Bad News

Snow - Survival

Report - The finale

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