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You’ll find our team at work throughout your conference in a number of ways. We’ll record the event in a variety of media and publish it on the web the following day or over the next few days, depending on your brief and budget.

You can mix and match any of the following methods of recording:

  • Video – full speaker recording with multiple cameras, roving video and interviews, talking head interviews
  • Audio – roving reporter(s) providing verbal feedback from your attendees
  • Mind Maps of the speeches and discussions which give you a big picture, which can be quickly digested and stimulate further activity after the event
  • Photographs to bring your web site and your future promotion materials to life

To this rich media mix you can add forums for your delegates where they can continue their discussions after the event. This generates additional value from all the effort you have put into organising your conference – and extends the life of the knowledge and information shared at the event.

Other options include: Live voting at the event, polls after the event and delegate feedback by e-mail or on-line questionnaire with full analysis.

Other specialist event services you can connect with through conferenceREACTION are:

  • The best alternative venues in the world
  • Facilitators with a wide variety of styles
  • Completely different event processes such as Open Space, World Cafe etc.
  • Video tools including, but not limited to, live web casting, roving video reporters and multi- camera event recording
  • Post event production of promotion, training and marketing material for print, TV, radio and the web
  • Catering you will remember for the right reasons!

Whether your event is 2 people or 2,000 we can help you to make a difference. Contact us to find out how to make your conference an event that every delegate will remember.

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