Tom Ball speaking to NRG Business Networking Events

 Choosing the Right Business Idea Tom Ball Near Desk NRG London West End 8 November 2011

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Choosing the Right Business Idea Tom Ball NRG London West End 8 November 2011

1. Life Story
1.1 Growth
1.2 Loss

2. Business Stories
2.1 Build a website
2.1.1 35 people
2.1.2 Realisation Clients earn more money than us
2.2 Domain Name Search
2.2.1 Early buyers
2.2.2 Kept and Lost
2.3 Build Brief
2.3.1 Check ideas against this
2.4 Do an MBA and create a business?
2.4.1 Big Picture 300 projects Clients acquired by Love and Tickle Return on Beer Much better than AdWords Became big parties
Shared costs
But confused clients
2.5 Get a business coach
2.5.1 All A Boardroom - it's not a bored room
See related topics and documents
2.5.2 Was a 53 Seater
2.5.3 Massive Market Pull
2.5.4 BUT few bookings
2.5.5 Fun, interesting Profitable
2.6 But Tree Houses are more fun
2.6.1 n.b. Indoors
2.6.2 Best - Work to Fun ratio
2.6.3 Could be enough?

3. Now
3.1 Cognac Systems
See related topics and documents
3.1.1 Consulting Quick to Profit
3.1.2 Pays mortgage
3.1.3 Enables the new idea to happen
3.2 Idea
3.2.1 Best way to get them Tell yourself not to think about them
3.2.2 Commuting Sucks
3.2.3 Home Working does (not)
3.2.4 Work Hubs We need them We will build them We will refit them
3.2.5 No - We will supply a service to those who do the above
3.2.6 NearDesk is born
3.3 Framework
3.3.1 Objectives For you could be 4 days a week Retire in 4 years Mine People independent Fast growth to 3 year exit Ready market
Understood problems Something that stays sold
Subscriber Recession aware Leverage me
3.3.2 Tactics might be I need a product business
3.3.3 OBSERVATIONS Inside Your Business Outside Your Business
3.4 Networking
3.4.1 Talk to people To generate ideas
3.4.2 Part of the Innovation Steal with pride
3.5 Tom's Top Tips
3.5.1 Agree problem then solution
3.5.2 Language Theirs not yours
3.5.3 Benefits before process
3.5.4 Being visual
3.5.5 Test on clients not your mates
3.5.6 Don't do too many things

4. Questions
4.1 Elegant products for markets that don't exist
4.1.1 It's important to find the market first
4.2 Market before Product
4.2.1 And how much will they pay?
4.3 Top Tips on Focus?
4.3.1 Do it!